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Our experienced team at Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital offers top quality pet care 6 days a week.

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Puppy Pre-School is a critical aspect of raising an obedient and well-adjusted dog. Not only is it an important socialisation tool, it allows your puppy to learn good behaviour & some common commands, and it’s also LOTS of fun for you and your dog!

Our classes are professionally conducted by ourClient Liaison Officer Lauren. This three week course will teach your puppy important socialisation skills, build wonderful memories and problem solve any unacceptable behaviour using gentle reward based training.

If your pet is lost, they can’t phone home. That’s why we want to ensure all pets are microchipped. We also recommend you have an ID tag attached to your pet’s collar, as this can speed up the lost and found process.

Microchipping at Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital is a very safe procedure involving the insertion of a chip, approximately the size of a grain of rice, into the back of their neck. With a special scanner, a vet can identify a pet that has been brought into the clinic, and it can be rapidly reunited with its owner.


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