Our Team

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Shaun Wynne & Peggy Goo

Hospital Director & Senior Veterinary Surgeon

BVSc (Hons) 1991 & MACVS (Surgery) 2005

Shaun began his journey at Whitehorse in 1983 as a high school student completing work experience. Shaun returned as a university student in 1991 and worked for 2 weeks as a veterinary Student. In 1998 Shaun became a full-time Senior Veterinarian working beside Dr Peter Cullen and then in 2006 Shaun bought the practice off Peter! Shaun has just shy of 30 years of experience in the Veterinary Industry and has achieved great things during his time at Whitehorse.

Special interest: Member of Unusual and Exotic Pets Group of the AVA. Shaun has over 20 years experience with all pets, including Rabbits, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Birds and other Pocket Pets.  Since passing examinations to be admitted as a member of the Australian College of Veterinary Surgeons, Shaun’s main interest has been advanced surgery. This includes Advanced Knee surgery (stifle), TTO – Triple Tibial Osteotomy surgery, TPLO – Tibial Plateau Levelling Operations, de-Angelis suture and a range of other orthopedic surgery. 

Most memorable veterinary moment:  A pug presented in respiratory distress on a particularly hot day. He sounded like a clogged up, overheated steam train. His throat was occluded by an excess of soft tissue, his nostrils were closed over and the little pockets next to his vocal chords (in his larynx) had everted. All this is called BOS – Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome, and it had put little “Buster” into life-threatening Heat Stroke. We gave him a “nose job” (rhinoplasty), a soft palate resection and we cut out the everted laryngeal saccules – all referred to as BOS surgery. After we cleared his airways, his energy levels increased better than they had been for years and he could breathe easy. For some years prior to surgery his loud snoring had filled the bedroom, and because Buster’s owner was used to the background noise, she had some adjusting to do, waking several times a night to check that he was OK. 

Pets: Shaun has quite the mnagerie at home consisiting of 3 dogs, Teddy the labradoodle, a teacup maltese x chihuahua called Alfie & Peggy Goo a German Wirehair Pointer (from Nurse Abbey’s litter). Shaun also has a cat named Ace (who was brought in as a stray kitten) & a budgie named Borris!

Personal Hobbies: Playing ‘Mr. Mom’ when Kristen works late, watching football and going on camping trips.

Dr. Stephanie Harrop & Spike

Veterinary Associate

BVSc (Hons) 2010, BAnSc & MGT, MVS


Stephanie graduated from the University of Melbourne with honors in 2011. After graduation she returned to her home town of Canberra and worked in a busy small animal practice.

She returned to Melbourne in 2014 and completed her Masters of Veterinary Clinical Studies (through Murdoch University in 2017), whilst working in a small animal practice in Inner Melbourne.

Stephanie joined the team at Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital in July 2018.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons), Bachelor of Animal Science, MGT & Masters of Veterinary Studies

Special Interests: Stephanie enjoys all things medical be it working up a patient that is suddenly very ill or managing patients with multiple long-term illnesses.

Stephanie has recently completed a post-graduate course in ultrasound imaging to further aid in diagnosing all medical conditions.

Pets: Stephanie and her husband Huw share their home with their much loved and doted on cat “Spike”.

Personal Hobbies: Stephanie’s hobbies include active pursuits such as hiking, camping and cycling. She also enjoys more sedate activities like cooking, sewing and reading.

Dr. Hazel Patterson & Juniper

Veterinary Associate

DVM 2015, BSc


Hazel joined the WVH team in 2016 as a New Graduate Veterinarian. She completed a rotational placement with the hospital during her final year of Veterinary Medicine, we all loved her so much that we offered her a Full time position as soon as she had graduated.

Hazel is very popular with our clients, especially those with cats! With her empathetic nature & gentle hands, she seems to have the magic touch & easily wins over the hearts of our feline patients.

Qualifications: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Science

Special Interests: Hazel has a special interest in Feline Medicine, however she enjoys seeing all Companion animals. Hazel thoroughly enjoys the daily variation of involved tasks in working as a Veterinarian. Working between Consulting, performing surgeries, working up cases with diagnostics and everything in between.

Pets: Hazel has a beautiful Siberian cat named Juniper, who is super smoochy, loving & extremely photogenic.

Personal Hobbies: Hazel enjoys cooking and dining out, following AFL (Hawks supporter), playing piano and spending time with her friends and family.

Dr. Ting-Wei Yeh & Porky

Veterinary Associate

BVSc 2010


Bio coming soon 🙂

Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (University of Melbourne)

Special Interests:


Personal Hobbies:

Our Veterinary Nurses

Abbey & Hans

Practice Manager (Full Time)

Cert IV Veterinary Nurse. Dip. VN (Gen)


Meet Nurse Abbey!

Abbey started at Whitehorse in 2013 as a trainee whilst completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at Box Hill Institute. Abbey moved to the country in 2016 & explored nursing for mixed animal practices in Wangaratta & Mansfield.  Abbey has recently returned to Melbourne & has joined our team again and is enjoying seeing all the familiar faces of our clients & patients.

Qualifications: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing & Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (General)

Special Interests: Abbey enjoys many aspects of nursing which include all things feline & nursing patients back to optimal health through surgical & medical nursing.

Pets: Abbey has four dogs, Blaze the Kelpie, Effie the German Wiredhair Pointer PLUS the offspring, Juice & Hans the Mastiff X, and a very spoilt cat called Lucky.

Personal Hobbies: Abbey enjoys cooking, camping, reading, bikram yoga & exploring the country with her partner Jess.

Courtney, Jack & Jamie

HR Manager & Senior Veterinary Nurse

Cert IV VN, Dip. VN (ECC), Dip. Prac.Man.


Meet Nurse Courtney!

Courtney commenced Nursing with us in 2009. She has 16 years of experience as a Veterinary Nurse. She has extensive experience in General Practice Nursing, Emergency Nursing and also in Nursing Exotic Pets, Pocket Pets and Wildlife. Courtney enjoys putting her wealth of experience to use with our varied and busy caseload at WVH.

Qualifications: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (ECC) & Diploma of Veterinary Practice Management

Special Interests: Courtney has a special interest in Emergency Medicine however she also enjoys the variation of working between Reception & Administration.

Pets: Courtney owns a very spoilt little Chihuahua named Jackson who spends his time hiding from the children!

Personal Hobbies: Courtney enjoys spending time with her dedicated husband Josh & her very busy, active son Grayson & dreamy daughter Caydence.

Donna & Link

Senior Veterinary Nurse (Part Time)

Advanced Cert Veterinary Nurse


Meet Nurse Donna!

Donna joined the team at Whitehorse as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse in 1990. Donna came to Whitehorse with eighteen months of experience from previous vet clinic ‘Brandon Park Veterinary Hospital’. At that stage, this was the first Accredited Hospital in Victoria. Donna brought her accreditation knowledge across and contributed largely in the process of Whitehorse becoming an Accredited Veterinary Hospital of Victoria.

Donna is our most senior and long-term Veterinary Nurse who is a very familiar face to all our clients and a valuable member of our team.

Qualifications: Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing, Diploma in Animal Care (ICS), Certificate III in Canine Behaviour & Training

Special interest: Donna has an interest in a number of different areas, including; Surgical Nursing, dentistry, Weight Management, behaviour and training.

Pets: Donna’s Dogs lead a very active life on her property with the horses. They get plenty of long walks and actively participate in professional agility and tracking trials with plenty of medals, trophies and ribbons to show for it!

  • Horses: Moose (13 years old) & Ralph (10 years old)
  • Dogs: Flex – 10 year old Koolie
  • Rayne – 8 year old Koolie
  • Link – 5 year old Koolie (Rayne’s son)
  • Quinn – 8 year old Border Collie

Personal Hobbies: Dog Agility & Tracking, Horse riding, netball, snow skiing, walking dogs, outdoor activities and Parelli – Natural Horsemanship Training

Lauren & Cookie

Client Liaison Officer (Maternity Leave)


Meet Nurse Lauren!

Lauren joined our teamin 2018 with a wealth of customer service experience & already feels at home with all of our lovely clients. Lauren’s previous experience includes  reception duties at a multi-modality veterinary centre, managing podiatry clinics & many dedicated years (two decades) working at a cattery & boarding kennels.

You are likely to be greeted by Lauren’s bubbly personality as you walk through the doors at our hospital!

Special Interests: All things that involve organisation & administration PLUS giving the clients that well needed hug during those tough times.

Pets: Lauren has two Great Dane’s Reggie & Zelda, a Kelpie X named Cookie & a very lovable German Wirehair Pointer named Snoop (from Nurse Abbey’s litter) PLUS a Burmese named Ares & a beautiful Torti girl Vegas. (Don’t worry, this mini Zoo is split across two households!)

Personal Hobbies: Lauren is an explorer & loves diving into new hobbies, accepting every challenge that comes her way! Lauren is an excellent writer & loves relaxing with wine & cheese in the company of her friends.

Hannah & Greg Boy

Senior Veterinary Nurse (Full Time)

Cert IV  Veterinary Nurse. Dipl. VN (Gen)


Meet nurse Hannah!

Hannah joins the Whitehorse family as a senior veterinary nurse with 15 years of experience, spending majority of her time as practice manager in general practice. She also has experience in specialist veterinary environments including ophthalmology, surgery and internal medicine and oncology.

Hannah spent time as a state division committee member and secretary of the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia and is passionate about the education of nurses.

Qualifications: Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (General)

Special Interests: Hannah loves all areas of veterinary nursing but particularly bonding and forming long term relationships with clients and their pets. She enjoys anaesthesia and challenging medical cases. Hannah has a passion for the training and mentoring of junior nurses.

Pets: Hannah has a cheeky and lively little Welsh Terrier named Colin. You will often meet him out for his walks with Hannah in the neighbourhood.
She also has a stunning Siamese cat who is very close to Hannah’s heart named Greg Boy and a very energetic (and vocal!) Oriental Shorthair cat called Judy Clementine.

Personal Hobbies: Hannah’s favourite thing to do is reading, especially with her precious cats on her lap. She loves spending time with her big family and walking her dog Colin around her beautiful home suburb of Blackburn, often running in to clients.


Leah & Luna

Veterinary Nurse (Full Time)

Cert IV Veterinary Nurse


Meet Nurse Leah!

Leah started with us in 2017 half way through her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. After completing her course with flying colours, she was on the look out for her next challenge.

Leah has taken on a leadership role within Whitehorse Vet & assists with setting the standard, even expanding the nursing roles we have here at the clinic – in particularly the Veterinary Technician role.

Qualifications: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Special Interests: Leah enjoys all thing dentistry & dermatology. Leah is a key player in our Veterinary Technician service, being the vets “right hand man” with their busy consulting schedule.

Pets: Leah has the beautiful three-legged Luna who is a regular skin patient here at the clinic!

Personal Hobbies: Leah is a indoor plant & timber enthusiast, loves spending time outdoors & enjoys being a home maker out in the beautiful Yarra Valley.


Siobhan & Ode

Senior Veterinary Nurse (Full Time)

Cert IV Veterinary Nurse


Meet Nurse Siobhan!

Siobhan started at Whitehorse in 2015 as a student whilst completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She soon completed her Certificate and is now a fully Qualified Veterinary Nurse. Living in Healesville, Siobhan has always been passionated about animals of all shapes and sizes, especially native Australian Wildlife.

Qualifications: Certificate III in Animal Studies & Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Special Interests: Siobhan enjoys many aspects of nursing which include reception work, basic care advice and surgical nursing. She would like to persue her interest in wildlife and has recently completed an intensive Nursing Dentistry workshop .

Pets: Siobhan has two Rhodesian Ridgeback named Ode & Finn, a very special kitten Fig, 3 goats & many chickens!

Personal Hobbies: Siobhan enjoys art and drawing in her spare time, as well as caring for her large veggie garden & cooking the freshly grown produce.

Rachael & Ivy

Senior Veterinary Nurse (Full Time)

Cert IV Veterinary Nurse


Meet Nurse Rachael!

Rachael joined us in January 2020 as a Senior Veterinary Nurse after spending 8 years up the road at Blackburn Animal Hospital.

Qualifications: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Special Interests: Rachael enjoys all aspect of veterinary nursing but shows a keen interest in hospital nursing & helping pets return to their optimal health.

Pets: Rachael has a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier Ivy & a DSH Winston – these two are totally head over heels for one another.

Personal Hobbies: Rachael enjoys spending her time knee deep in home renovations, gardening & has been a netballer since the day she was born!



Veterinary Nurse (Part Time)

Cert IV Veterinary Nurse


Meet Nurse Lena!


Lena has just started with us in November!

Bio coming soon 🙂

Qualifications: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Special Interests: 


Personal Hobbies:


Annabel & Bea

Veterinary Nurse (Part Time)

Cert IV Veterinary Nurse


Meet Nurse Annabel!

Annabel began her journey here at Whitehorse as a Veterinary Nurse Placement Student in 2018. Annabel made such an impression that we just had to have her join our team on a permanent basis, she has since completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at Box Hill Institute.

Special Interests: All aspects of surgical nursing, radiography & most of all anything reproductive!

Pets: Annabel has an extremely enthusiastic & adorable chocolate labradoodle called Bea PLUS 3 turtles, a Darwin carpet python & 26 year old Blue tongue lizard called Harry.

Personal Hobbies: Annabel enjoys spending her time drawing, socialising with her close group of friends & attending 80’s based music concerts – including Queen & Elton John.

Emma & Obie

Veterinary Nurse (Part Time)

Cert IV Veterinary Nurse


Meet Nurse Emma!

Emma began her journey here at Whitehorse as a volunteer wanting to gain vital skills to start a career in Veterinary Nursing. The team loved her so much that it was not long after, Emma was offered a trainee position. Emma has now completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at Box Hill Institute & is currently studying a Diploma in Science.

Special Interests: All things reception & surgical nursing  – especially if it involves a labrador!

Pets: Emma has a sock & bra eating Labrador Obie who has had multiple exploratory surgeries thus far in his short time on this earth!

Personal Hobbies: Emma enjoys the lifestyle Melbourne has to offer by attending live gigs & often escaping to the beach side with her partner!

Sandra & Nugs

Trainee Veterinary Nurse (Part Time)

Cert III Animal Studies


Meet Nurse Sandra!

Sandra joined our team in August 2020 as our next Trainee Veterinary Nurse.

After a very impressive interview, it was clear Sandra was going to give our clients & their pets EXTRA special attention.

Sandra is currently studying & working towards her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Qualifications: Certificate III in Animal Studies

Special Interests: Sandra is loving anything & everything surgical nursing, with a keen interest in Pocket Pets.

Pets: Sandra has 2 adorable bunnies named Nugget & Pluto!

Personal Hobbies: Sandra has varied interests from Baking to photography & works casually at Melbourne Zoo!


Our Facilities

Our Facilities

  • Just off Linden Street you will find our car park designated to our clients. Your pet will be safer with easier and spacious access to the clinic.
  • Our welcoming reception area provides both pets and their owners access to our friendly and experienced staff. Also used as a spacious waiting room for our Veterinary and Nurse consultations.
  • Our highly equipped surgical suite is an accredited & sterile environment for all kinds of surgeries ranging from desexing procedures, mass removals, orthopedic surgery, cancer surgery and much more.
  • Our hospital is equipped with advanced Digital X-ray equipment which helps to provide high quality images of bone and tissue.

Our Values

Caring for Animals

Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to providing the best possible health outcomes for your pet. We will provide advice and care that aligns with best practice.

Caring for People

We recognise the positive impact pets have on the lives of their owners and endeavour to improve the relationship between owners and their pets.

Caring for the Environment

People and pets have a large impact on the local and global environment. We seek to educate owners on environmentally responsible pet ownership.


Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Sat: 8:00am - 4:00pm