Diabetes and Endocrinology Referral Form

Dear Vets,

To help your client and patient receive the best service, there is some information that is required prior to the referral consultation. Please send through the relevant information as soon as possible. The safety and wellbeing of your patients is important to us, and so being aware of their overall health status is vital.

These details can be sent to us via the online form below.

Consultations can either be by consultation in the clinic with the client, or by phone consultation with the primary care clinician. Please nominate if you would like a clinician phone consultation with Dr Sarah Pierard, or if the owner will be bringing the patient in to the clinic. The price for a referral phone consultation with the referring veterinarian is $211.40/40 minutes. The price for a 40 minute in-clinic consultation with the client and patient is $211.40.

We ask that you (for phone consultations), or the client (for client consultations), call us directly at Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital, weekdays between 8 am – 7 pm to book a preferred appointment time.
PH: 03 9878 3033
Currently, we are available for bookings most weekdays, except for Thursdays.

Please contact us directly if you require more information.


Mon-Fri: 8am - 7pm
Sat: 8am - 1pm