Are you putting too many chemicals in or on your pet?

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Are you putting too many chemicals into your pet or onto their skin?

We are seeing an increasing number of pets that are on the WRONG types of flea control, intestinal wormers or heartworm prevention. Many owners unknowingly double up on some elements of Preventative Health Care and miss out on others.

With 23 years of experience as vets in the Blackburn area, Dr's Shaun & Rod Wynne can give you accurate local advice on how to keep your pet in optimal health. Getting regular personalised advice about your pets individual health needs will save you time, effort and money!!

Treat fleas only IF you see them, unless we advise you otherwise. When we next examine your pet, we can give you advice on how to check for fleas so you know whether you need to treat. Treat on the FIRST of the month between Spring and Autumn each year. Some dogs with allergies may need year round treatment. (It has been over 12 months since Dr Shaun's dog Teddy has needed a flea treatment).

Heartworm prevention is missed at some time every year for 80% of our clients. We recommend a cost-efficient yearly injection for dogs to guarantee protection is never missed. We give it with a yearly Health Check and Vaccine update, so you don't have to remember it!.

All dogs and cats should have an intestinal worm treatment every season (3 monthly). On (or near to) the FIRST of March, June, September and December give a tablet that is registered to "Treat and Control" all 4 intestinal worms. Avoid products that "control" or "aid in the control" of intestinal worms. (an alternative to tablets for cats: Profender - the only complete intesintal wormer that can be placed on the skin behind the neck).

If you are LATE, simply give the dose and then resume on the first of next month or season as indicated. You DO NOT need to remember specific dates, just stick to the first of the month and the first of the season.

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